How Much Could a Golf Rangefinder Improve Your Game?

stockxpertcom id188983 size1 e1307215361412If you are looking for a way to take your golf game to the next level, you may want to add a rangefinder to your bag. Today’s rangefinders come in two basic types—laser rangefinders and GPS rangefinders. Which one is best for you will depend on the type of courses you play most often. The extent to which a rangefinder will improve your game will be related to your current skill level. Let’s take a closer look at this potentially game-changing golf accessory.

Golf is a game of distance. Rangefinders can improve your game by providing more accurate measurements from your lie in the fairway to the flag on the green. Knowing the distance to the pin takes the guesswork out of which club to use.

The ability to carry an accurate rangefinder in your pocket is definitely a modern development. In fact, you now have a choice between GPS rangefinders and laser rangefinders. GPS rangefinders access satellites to determine your precise location and then compare that to stored maps of the golf course to calculate distances. A laser rangefinder shoots pulses of light at your target and then measures the time it takes for them to bounce back.

There are pros and cons for each device. GPS rangefinders can provide distances to intermediate points as well as the green. They also have measurements for different parts of the green. They are perfect for hilly courses or courses with many dogleg holes and trees. However, they do require that the golf course you’re playing be loaded into the device, usually by internet download. Sometimes course conditions can affect the accuracy of your position.

Laser rangefinders provide an instantaneous reading of distance and there is no need for subscriptions or downloads. However, your target must be visible. Laser rangefinders don’t provide distances to other parts of the green or fairway.

For a rangefinder to really improve your game, you need to be consistent with your clubs. If you still can’t predict how far the ball will fly with a particular club, then knowing the exact distance you need to hit the ball doesn’t matter much. But once your fairway shots are consistent and predictable, you will probably see a big improvement in your scores by adding a golf rangefinder.

Don’t Even Think About Playing Without a Golf Glove

stockxpertcom id35589591 jpg d594dfb6a868a7f8490801c540a7249cThe entertainment world may have been confused when Michael Jackson started wearing one glove. But golfers probably didn’t give it a second thought. They have been wearing a single glove for a long time. Golf gloves are worn on the leading hand (or top hand). They help keep the club from slipping out of your hands. When purchasing a glove, make sure you get one that fits comfortably. Golf gloves should also be replaced as soon as they begin to wear, so don’t think you can buy one and use it forever.

Golf gloves serve a real purpose. They keep the club from slipping. Human skin is an amazing thing. But when it comes to holding a golf club without slipping, skin falls short. In fact, holding your club securely with sweaty palms is impossible. A golf glove is designed to put things right again. Rather than calling the glove an accessory, you should realize it is just as necessary as the club grips or the club face that hits the ball. Trying to perform a successful golf swing without a glove is a waste of time.

Choose a golf glove for maximum comfort and best fit. An uncomfortable glove will negatively impact your play. Remember, a round of golf lasts upwards of three hours. If your glove is too tight and uncomfortable, you won’t be able to play at your best. Your glove should not be too tight and it should allow for a full range of motion. Numbness in any part of your hand after play could be a signal that your glove doesn’t fit right.

Don’t play with a worn out golf glove, no matter how much you love it. Depending on how often you play golf, your glove may start to show wear. Go ahead and get a replacement right away. As the glove wears, its ability to stabilize the club will suffer. If it feels like your glove is wearing out too quickly, this may indicate that your grip is not quite right. Spend some time with the golf pro and see if there are adjustments needed in the way you hold the club.

Just How Important is the Golf Tee?

stockxpertcom id374055 jpg 81a1ce386e73e5ea09e5699b18ad13d6Could your golf tee really make a difference in your game? Until recently, this question would probably not have evoked a serious response. But changes have arrived in the world of golf tees and you have more choices than ever before. The traditional wood or plastic tees are still around and still quite popular. But brush tees are making inroads in the golfing community. And eco-friendly tees have now appeared to help save the planet.

Traditional golf tees come in wood or plastic. Until recently, there was very little choice in tees. You could have different colors and you could get them personalized. They came in different sizes. Otherwise, a tee was pretty much a tee. You went through an average of six tees per round. In most cases, you probably didn’t give it a second thought.

One of the biggest innovations to hit golf in recent times is the brush tee. Instead of placing the ball on a wooden or plastic perch, the ball sits on brush bristles. When the club face strikes the ball, there is no energy lost to the friction between the ball and the tee—because there isn’t any. Brush tees make it seem like you are hitting the ball off a column of air. This also means that the tee doesn’t impart any spin or modification to the flight of the ball. If you are a great golfer, this will be good news. For the rest of us, brush tees remove yet another possible excuse for why our ball went “there.”

Eco-friendly tees biodegrade in weeks instead of months or years. You might not think that discarded golf tees are a big environmental problem. They may not be the cause of global warming, but there are a remarkable number of wooden and plastic tees littering the landscape. One study estimated that over 2 billion golf tees are consumed every year in the United States. The majority of golfers use wooden tees. Wood is a natural material. It will eventually break down in the wild, but not right away. Eco-friendly tees, on the other hand, will disappear in as few as six weeks.

Why Most Women Golfers Prefer Golf Visors

iStock 000015419433XSmallThere’s something about the game of golf you should realize. It is rarely played at night or in the rain. And what does this fact lead us to? Golfers spend a lot of time in the sun. In fact, most golf games are played in the middle part of the day when the sun’s rays are most direct and damaging. Extensive exposure to UV rays damages your skin and leads to premature aging, especially around your eyes. That’s why golfing headgear is more than just a good idea. When the sun is shining, you simply must not play without a hat.

Many female golfers tend to prefer visors over other types of hats. There are several good reasons for this. Golf visors provide excellent, lightweight protection for critical areas. Visors can accomplish the basic mission of protecting your skin without mussing up your hair. They can also be quite stylish.

Golf visors are essential protection against the sun’s damaging rays. You may be able to avoid getting sunburned with sunscreen, but nothing works better than completely blocking the sunlight from reaching your skin. A visor does an excellent job of protecting your forehead, eyes and cheekbones. Assuming you are not completely bald, these are the crucial areas that need sun defense.

A golf visor can provide sun protection without wrecking your hairstyle. I hope this benefit doesn’t sound too sexist. If you have ever worn a hat on a hot day, you understand what the combination of sweat and hatband pressure can do to your hair. The minimal design of a visor helps you avoid this damage to your hairstyle without giving up protection.

Golf visors are available in many different styles and colors, allowing you to express your own personality with what you wear. Hats tend to come in a few basic styles, but visors win the contest in terms of choices. From colors to materials to attached decorations, there is a golf visor to satisfy the style consciousness of practically anyone.

How Golf Swing Trainers Help You Perfect Your Swing

iStock 000014535996XSmallIf you are looking for a way to improve your golf game, the biggest gains usually come through perfecting your golf swing. As much as you would like to think that a new set of clubs would do the trick, chances are you will just be hacking with a higher quality club. To really ramp up your game, you need a consistent swing. The best way to achieve this is through lots of practice. Using a golf swing trainer can be more effective than time at the driving range. That means you can see bigger improvements in less time.

Some swing trainers are large and expensive. These devices are used only at a pro shop or other training venue. For example, some trainers use a rail system to guide the club. You actually step inside the swing trainer and discover how your muscles should feel when performing an optimal golf swing.

You can use some swing trainers at home and save the trips to the driving range. If your swing is passable but needs tweaking, there are several types of trainers that can be used at home. They include hinged clubs, brackets that attach to the club, attachable fans, weights and more. Home swing training aids are even incorporating laser technology to analyze your swing and train you to eliminate them.

A swing trainer helps you learn how to consistently repeat a golf swing without having to think about it every time. When you are on the course, there are plenty of opportunities for distraction. The key to playing well is being able to repeat a well-formed swing over and over again. If you are constantly trying to remember what each muscle does through the swing, there is little chance for success. Swing trainers work because their monitoring and feedback help you make the most of your practice time.

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